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About CCIP
The Cross Cultural Internship Program (CCIP)
Internship in New York City

In NYC, it is now Sep 30, 2016 (Fri) 12:54 AM
Last Update (EST) Aug 23, 2016 (Tue) 03:16 PM (502)


The Cross Cultural Internship Program (CCIP) is a comprehensive internship program with core sessions taking place every summer from May through August. The program is administered directly by FUSIA Communications, a J-1 Exchange Visitor Intern Program Designated Visa Sponsor, and works directly with top universities across Asia and 20+ qualified host organizations in New York and the surrounding areas. Since 2008, CCIP has provided opportunities to nearly 1,000 exchange visitors.

CCIP is a stepping stone for Asian exchange visitors to acquire practical experience and gain insights into American society, values, norms, people, business practices, and professional culture. It is also a cultural gateway for US host companies and organizations to connect with the international community and stay abreast of trends in the global marketplace.

Purposes: CCIP is a stepping stone for Asian exchange visitors to acquire practical experience and gain insights into American society, values, norms, people, business practices, and professional culture. It is also the cultural gateway for US host companies and organizations to connect with the international community and stay abreast of trends in the global marketplace.

Mission: The mission of this dynamic transcultural collaboration is to foster the growth of the exchange visitors' global mindset and promote mutually beneficial cultural exchange between the US and nations of Asia and the Pacific.

Goals: Exchange visitors fulfill their roles by interning and taking part in self-organized immersive cultural experiences offering a greater understanding of western society. Host organizations also benefit by being more engaged with today's global economy and with the different views and ideas from the interns' individual cultural backgrounds.

Partners: CCIP collaborates with accredited post-secondary institutions in Asia as well as qualified host companies and organizations located in New York and New Jersey.


1. Train young professionals to become contributing members and leaders of the future global economy through a structured and guided internship program

2. Play a unique role in fostering understanding and relations between the people of the US and citizens of Asia and the Pacific region

3. Collaborate with individuals and organizations that share a global mindset and have similar goals in promoting mutually beneficial cultural exchange and supporting the growth of the next generation

4. Maintain an intimate, integrated, and interactive program culture and administration especially tailored to Asian exchange visitors

5. Emphasize the importance of both professional and cultural experiences to strike a balance between hard skills and soft skills as well as teamwork, leadership, professionalism, positivity, and cultural sensitivity


The program's operational team has diverse yet consistent experience encompassing both international backgrounds and an emphasis on media, the corporate world, and creative industries.

Elizabeth Kay, Principal: Elizabeth, the founder of FUSIA, is a seasoned strategist and web programmer with diverse experience. She first came to New York on her own at the age of 15 to attend high school on Long Island. In college, she studied Accounting and Computer Science. She worked in nonprofit, publishing, event planning, and advertising as a marketing manager for high-profile clients such as Citibank, MetLife, Delta, Johnnie Walker, Denny's, and MCI. After completing her MBA in Strategic Marketing and Communications, she started FUSIA in 2002.

Nampyo Hong, Chief Relationship Officer: Nampyo graduated from Hunter College with a major in Film and minor in Chinese. Before immigrating to the United States 20 years ago, he studied and worked in the tourism industry in Korea. Nampyo's main role at FUSIA is to establish new initiatives and maintain quality relationships with all professional contacts.

Jason Nuckolls, Communications Director: Jason started with FUSIA in 2013 and oversees all communication needs from press releases to program guides and correspondence to contract editing. With his MFA in Mass Media Writing from the University of Southern California, Jason has worked as a journalist and editor for both online and in-print publications at the regional, national, and international levels. Having studied abroad in college in Paris, he enjoys working within the international parameters of FUSIA.

Heesuk Chae, Executive Assistant/Program Administrator: Originally from Incheon, South Korea, Heesuk has a unique background and diverse interests. At Inha University in Korea, she studied Political Science. In New York, she studied drama and earned a Bachelor of Art and Science in Theatre. Heesuk speaks fluent Korean and English, and is an Alternative Responsible Officer for FUSIA's CCIP J-1 Exchange Visitor Program.

Joseph Fonseca, Communications Assistant: Joseph joined the FUSIA team in 2015 and writes and edits press releases, program materials, contracts, and related correspondence. In 2005, he completed a BA in Creative Writing at the University of Kansas. Following graduation, Joseph created and ran the "10 Cities / 10 Years" travelogue, writing numerous articles on subjects related to travel, art, and culture. He has written for the Washington Post and a variety of literary journals, and has a passion for learning from people of different backgrounds.


CCIP came into existence through a flow of events that led the founder, Elizabeth Kay, to realize that a special niche in the world of cultural exchange was not being filled. She, in turn, organized a program that caters to the needs of Asian students interested in broadening their cultural horizons and professional skill sets.

During the Northeast's infamous 2003 blackout, CCIP founder Elizabeth Kay came across a former co-worker from a publishing company who mentioned that two interns from Hong Kong became helpless during the blackout and needed local support. She met with the two girls and learned about their overseas internship, which was not a popular choice for students at that time. In a casual chat with a Hong Kong university principal, she mentioned that she felt sympathy for the girls' experience and could offer help in case of contingency situations. The principal was amazed by her diverse background, and asked her to take on students for the university.

Her reputation grew like this until 2008, when the J-1 Intern category was introduced by the Department of State. CCIP became the first internship program catering to university students from Asia and the Pacific region, initially partnering with three universities. The program now has nine partner universities and an annual group of approximately 70 interns.

The program has achieved many successes, both on organizational and cultural levels, and it continues to add to its list of milestones with each new year.

2008: FUSIA launched CCIP with 78 participants from three universities in Hong Kong and Singapore. The students held internships at 11 host organizations in New York and New Jersey.

2009: The CCIP Program grew to 100 participants and 29 host organizations. FUSIA organized the Taste of Harlem, providing students a glimpse of the diverse history, literature, music, cuisine, and dance rooted in Harlem.

2010: The number of partner universities expanded to seven, represented by 130 participants. FUSIA organized the first annual Recognition Ceremony at the Cornell Club, connecting participants with the local community.

2011: CCIP participation expanded to 135 students and 37 host organizations. The Recognition Ceremony grew into a more widely attended event. Manhattan Borough President declared August 16th, 2011, "Cross-Cultural Internship Day" in the Borough of Manhattan.

2012: CCIP participation climbed even higher to 142 students.

2013: FUSIA was awarded the New York Mets' Spirit Award in recognition of its successful accomplishments in connecting exchange visitors with the local community. Toward the end of the year, FUSIA officially became a designated visa sponsor in the J-1 Intern category.

2014: During the first year of its new designation, FUSIA accepted 69 exchange visitors (reduced number was due to quota control), chosen from 1079 applications.

2015: Participation increased from 69 to 71 students, chosen from 1058 applications.

2016: Participation increased from 71 to 75 students, chosen from 985 applications. Manhattan Borough President declared July 5th, 2016, "Cross-Cultural Internship Program Appreciation Day"

Occ Categories

CCIP welcomes the opportunity to work with qualified host organizations in the US to offer structured and guided internship opportunities to exchange visitors.

CCIP hosts are predominantly Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) from varied industry backgrounds, such as advertising, media, real estate, business consulting, scientific research, engineering, law, transportation, nonprofit, government, etc.

CCIP offers internship positions in each of the following J-1 Intern occupational categories:

Management, Business, Commerce and Finance

- Marketing, PR, Communications
- Operational Management, Business Administration
- Logistics
- Special Projects or Program Management (topics vary)
- Accounting, Auditing

Information Media and Communications

- Journalism (Reporter Internship)
- Information Systems, Web Programming, Mobile App Development
- Digital Communication and Media/Multimedia Programming
- Advertising Agency and Applied Communication
- Public Relations
- Mass Communications
- Printing & Publishing

Sciences, Engineering, Architecture, Math and Industrial

- Engineering (Civil, Geotechnical, Environmental)
- Engineering (Mechanical)
- Architecture

Public Administration and Law

- Legal Internship
- Constituent Liaison (e.g. legislator's district office)

Arts and Culture

- Graphic Design
- Design and Visual Communications
- Arts Management
- Industrial and Interior Design
- Music Management and Merchandising
- Visual and Performing Arts
- Commercial and Advertising Art
- Entertainment and Film

Education, Social Science, Library Science, Counseling and Social Services

- Teaching Assistant
- Social Science Research
- Library Technician
- School Counseling
- Social Work


CCIP partners with accredited degree- or certificate-granting post-secondary Asian or Pacific region academic institutions that share a similar mindset in supporting young professionals to acquire the skills, knowledge, and cultural understanding necessary to become contributing members and leaders of the future global economy.

Hong Kong:
- The University of Hong Kong (HKU)
- The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)
- The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology (HKUST)
- Hang Seng Management College, Careers Office (HSMC)
- The Hong Kong Institute of Education (HKIED)
- The Open University of Hong Kong (OUHK)
- City University of Hong Kong, College of Business (CITYU)

- National University of Singapore (NUS)
- Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

- Macau University of Science and Technology (MUST)


Established in 2002, FUSIA Communications is a multi-disciplinary organization located in DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass), Brooklyn. FUSIA specializes in cross-cultural communications.

The Cross Cultural Internship Program (CCIP) is a social enterprise internship program administered by FUSIA with the mission of promoting understanding between the people of the US and citizens of Asian and Pacific region nations as well as fostering the growth of future global leaders.

FUSIA is a designated visa-sponsoring organization of the US Department of State's Exchange Visitor Program in the J-1 Intern category ( FUSIA facilitates exchange visitors' entry into the US, monitors their activities during their stay in the US, and helps ensure that they and their proposed internship adhere to the requirements and regulations of the Exchange Visitor Program.

FUSIA is a 100% minority and woman-owned enterprise certified with:

- New York State Department of Economic Development as Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise
- The City of New York's Minority and Woman-owned Business Enterprise Program
- Office of Minority Affairs, County of Nassau, as Minority and Woman Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE)
- Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) as Women's Business Enterprise (WBE)
- Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) and Certifying Partner in the New York State Unified Certification Program (NYSUCP)
- Bona fide Minority Business Enterprise with New York and New Jersey Minority Supplier Development Council

2016 is gearing up to be an exciting year for CCIP. Our team anticipates another group of young professionals coming to New York City to advance their practical skills, gain enriching cultural experiences, and expand their globalized professional networks. We also look forward to another year of fruitful collaborations with our trusted partner universities in Asia and host organizations in New York City to offer a structured platform for our participants.

Here in New York, our team is ready!

Building on our past success, this year's programming will be both informative and engaging. We will continue to implement a hands-on approach with emphasis on leadership and team building to ensure that our participants enhance their different skills and cultural knowledge in ways that are unique, memorable, and most importantly, beneficial for their advancement in the global arena.

We look forward to meeting you and working together to achieve an enriching experience in the summer of 2016.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us (

Based in Brooklyn, the Fusia team specializes in cross-cultural ventures and oversees the smooth operation of the program.

National University of Singapore was one of the initial three partner universities.
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