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CCIP Exchange Visitors visit MoMA and the Empire State Building
The Cross Cultural Internship Program (CCIP)
Internship in New York City

Pub Date: Fri, Jun 10, 2016
BY Joseph Fonseca (FUSIA) | Fri, Jun 10, 2016 EST

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Through a collaboration with UNIQLO, Friday nights at the Museum of Modern Art are free. A group of students from the Cross Cultural Internship Program ( took advantage of this opportunity to see some of the most unique and interesting art in New York City. This outing was organized by Jia Duo (Emerald) and Geng Hao Teng, who arranged for the students to meet at the museum at 6.

"I enjoy planning our activities because it's a great opportunity to learn organizational skills while having fun," Emerald said. "Visiting MoMA was one of the highlights of my time in the United States, so far. I loved the art and was happy that we could make it such a successful trip for everyone."

The MoMA was founded in 1929 and features art from all over the world that represents the most current and forward looking movements. Exhibitions included paintings, sculptures, photography and many other forms of avant-garde work.

After enjoying the MoMA, the group headed to the Empire State Building where they went up to the observatories for 360 degree views of New York City and enjoyed dinner together. The Empire State Building is 103 stories tall and was the tallest building in the world when it was officially completed in 1931. It's currently the third tallest building in New York City.

"I already thought this was an amazing city, but seeing it from all the way up there gave me a completely new perspective," Geng Hao said. "We all took so many pictures and had such a great time together. I think we're all starting to feel like New York is our home."


The Cross Cultural Internship Program (CCIP) is a cultural exchange internship program that takes place in New York City every year. It is dedicated to fostering mutually beneficial East-West cultural exchange, targeting exchange visitors from Asia and the Pacific region.

CCIP provides exchange visitors and host organizations the opportunity to exchange insights, ideas, and experiences. Through the program, participants acquire practical knowledge and cultural experiences, and host organizations connect with the international community and stay abreast of trends in the global marketplace.

CCIP is organized by FUSIA Communications, one of the approximately 98 J-1 intern designated visa sponsors in the nation. FUSIA is responsible for the selection of interns as well as supporting and monitoring theĀ¬m during the program.

CCIP is a structured, full-placement internship program. Since 2008, CCIP has provided internship opportunities to over 850 exchange visitors. In 2015, 71 students were selected out of 1050 applicants. They were matched to 20-plus host organizations of diverse disciplines including government district offices, law firms, publishing houses, media firms, advertising agencies, real estate agencies, and more.

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