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Quick Facts

What is CCIP

Nearly 100% of past participants agreed that CCIP has made an impact on their career paths. They rated CCIP valuable particularly in jumpstarting careers, realizing potential, global networking opportunities, and exploring new opportunities/directions.

What is CCIP?

Founded in 2008, CCIP is an Exchange Visitor Program (J-1 internship) that takes place in NYC every summer from May through August. CCIP has three starting dates: May 16, May 30, or July 11 and different program durations: standard (6 weeks) or extended (8, 10, 12, or 14 weeks).

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CCIP goes beyond conventional internship programs, offering networking opportunities, leadership challenges, media exposure, career advice, and more that aren't easily attained in a classroom setting. In one summer, CCIP participants gain skills, knowledge, and experience to help them advance to the forefront of tomorrow's competitive global economy.

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Who can apply?

CCIP welcomes applicants who are full-time, full-degree postgraduates and undergraduates in age 18+. Ideal candidates meet the admission requirements, possess basic professional competency, along with a positive attitude, an open mind, and a strong desire to grow.

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What are the school partners?

The program partners with an array of leading universities that share a similar mission in supporting young professionals to acquire the skills, knowledge, and cultural understanding necessary to become contributing members and leaders of the future global economy.

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What do they say?

Alumni stories

CCIP alumni have a particularly high acceptance rate into top global firms and grad-schools. We are proud of our impressive alumni network with over 1,000 successful grads who not only make their mark in an array of professions around the globe, but who also greatly contribute to turning CCIP into a supportive community with a unique culture benefiting both new and past participants alike. Take me to their stories.

What is the Exchange Visitor Program?

The EVP (J visa) operates under the US Department of State. Each year, the EVP allows 300,000 foreign visitors from 200 countries and territories to enter the US through 15 different programs ( to experience US society and culture and engage with Americans through various short-term immersion programs. Through EVP, participants strengthen their English language skills, connect with Americans, and learn about the US. After EVP, participants return home and share experiences with their fellow citizens.

What are the internship hosts?

CCIP is a stepping-stone for exchange interns to acquire professional skills/knowledge. It is also a cultural gateway for US hosts to engage with the international community and stay connected with global marketplace trends. Accepted applicants, based on their academic backgrounds, interests, and application scores, will be assigned potential hosts from a pool of 20-30 hosts in the US government and law (9); ad agency, entertainment, and media (4); nonprofit (3); IT/engineering (3); accounting and insurance (2); and other professions (4).

What are the program activities?

Cross-cultural activities are an essential part of the exchange visitor experience. Outside of the regular office hours, students are encouraged to take advantage of unequalled cultural experiences and professional networking opportunities. Through these activities, students gain insights into American culture, meet Americans from many walks of life, and become more well-rounded.



CCIP's leading role in cultural exchange has drawn 160+ awards and commendations with "CCIP Appreciation Day" declared by Manhattan Borough Presidents six times.






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