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The CCIP application is comprised of three components.


The program fee covers J-1 Intern visa sponsorship, program admin, etc.


Standard sessions are within a 7- or 14-week duration.


Keen applicants don't miss the Early Decision Program for a USD 100 discount.

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Questions? Contact us via Skype chat (fusia_18) M-F 8 am to 4 pm EST

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What is CCIP


CCIP is an Exchange Visitor Program (J-1 Intern). It takes place in New York City every summer. Since 2008, 1000+ students have joined CCIP.

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FUSIA is the organizer of CCIP. It is one of the 80s visa sponsors (J-1 Intern) designated by the State Department to administer J-1 Intern programs.

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Every summer, CCIP offers about 70 internships from about 25 hosts in an array of industries, busines, government, engineering, and more.

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To get started, review website, register and complete the application online. Do not miss the on-campus info sessions and intro interviews in Oct, 2017. Skype chat (fusia_18).

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Program Highlights


Community leaders and elected officials have long supported and praised CCIP by issuing accolades and proclamations that single out our accomplished work.












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Partner Universities

CCIP works with an array of esteemed partner universities to help the vision of focused students to plan ahead for their global professional futures.

Exchange Visitor Program

The J-1 Exchange Visitor Program provides opportunities for around 300,000 foreign visitors from 200 countries and territories per year to experience US society and culture and engage with Americans.

Recognition Ceremony

The CCIP Recognition Ceremony is held annually to recognize individuals and organizations that have contributed to this meaningful cultural exchange initiative. This activity has been a staple reflecting the growth of CCIP.

Cultural Activities

CCIP is characterized by holistic experience. Aside from internships, the program facilitates a range of activities led by student leaders to promote student engagement, cultural awareness, and help students develop various skills.

Quick facts

What do they say

What do they say

Olga Djam

Djam Insurance Brokerage President, Host since 2011
CCIP is offering these students a very unique opportunity to gain international experience, and I'm happy to be involved. With each new group of interns, I'm consistently impressed by how engaged they are and how excited they are to learn new things.

Marc A. Haken

Chairman of the Youth, Education and Library; Committee Budget Director of Community Board
The only way to truly know a country, its people and its values is to spend an extended amount time in that country. CCIP provides its students the opportunity to observe and participate in the American way of life.

Mary Nittolo

The STUDIO, President, Host since 2010
CCIP interns' diligence and creativity never disappoint and I continue to follow many of their social channels as they get careers, have families, and grow into extraordinary adults. They bring fresh energy and insight to the STUDIO, and we look forward to meeting them every summer."

Andrew Leung

Yu & Associates, President, Host since 2008
Globalization is here to stay; this is an irreversible phenomenon. At Yu & Associates, together with CCIP, we hope to equip our interns with the necessary core values and tools to become globally responsible citizens.

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For immediate assistance, contact us via Skype (fusia_18).

We are located in NYC. The best time to reach us M-F after 8 am EST or 9 pm Beijing time.

Skype ID: fusia_18

Phone number: +1 718 643 0311 ext 18

Address: 55 Washington St, Ste 628, Brooklyn, NY 11201

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