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CCIP is now accepting applications for its 2020 CCIP Summer Internship Program. Full-time, full-degree undergraduates and postgraduates are welcome to apply!

To get started, create an account, log in/complete online application steps 1 and 2.1-2.2 after Sept 1 (window 1) or Jan 1 (window 2) at least eight hours before (Priority Admission) or within 24 hours after your interview, and attend an on-campus info talk/interview in early Oct (window 1) or late Jan/early Feb (window 2). Between the windows and after Feb, late applications are accepted upon availability on a rolling basis.

Note that we assess applicants based on the entire process (don't just focus on the interview alone) and how well and how fast they complete their application (treat your application as if it were your final term paper).

In addition, our reading expectations may seem demanding (plus a tight timeframe to apply) as we combine the program, host, and US visa sponsorship in one single application – keen applicants are strongly recommended to request us to assign you an alumnus for an initial assessment/guidance before/while you complete your application.

For questions, feel free to contact us via WhatsApp chat at +1 917 244 2600 M-F 9 am to 5 pm EST (please adjust for the time difference as we are in NYC) or the Email Center (login is required).

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Info talks and interviews

CCIP info talks/interviews are conducted on campus in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Macau in October (window 1) and January/February (window 2). Most info talks and interviews take place on the same day. To register/view the schedule, click theccip.com/apply. Applicants who cannot attend/miss the on-campus interviews, contact us after completing application steps 1 and 2.1-2.1 for special arrangements.
How to apply

Application procedures

Each internship host has limited openings. Also, US internship visas have strict quotas. Keen applicants should apply early, meet all deadlines, and complete their application with care.

CCIP partner universities
Who can apply?

Admission Requirements

CCIP welcomes applicants who are full-time, full-degree postgraduates and undergraduates age 18+. Ideal candidates meet the admission requirements, possess basic professional competency, along with a positive attitude, an open mind, and a strong desire to grow.

The applicant (a) is a full-time degree-pursuing postgraduate or undergraduate, age 18 or older as of May 15, 2020, currently enrolled in and pursuing studies at an accredited, foreign ministerial-recognized postsecondary academic institution located outside of the United States; (b) is not on academic probation; (c) has no pending disciplinary action; (d) has a CGPA of 2.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale OR lower but has obtained an exception from CCIP; (e) has a major or minor pertinent to at least one or more of the J-1 occupational categories sponsored by the program's organizer; (f) is aware that CCIP is not designed for applicants to explore a field different from their studies; and (g) able to provide a copy of the latest official postsecondary transcripts from all postsecondary institutions that s/he has attended within 14 days upon request after the release of 2019 fall semester results.

Remarks: The program's organizer, FUSIA, sponsors internships in the following J-1 occupational categories: (a) Arts and Culture, (b) Education, Social Sciences, Library Science, Counseling and Social Services, (c) Information Media and Communications, (d) Management, Business, Commerce and Finance, (e) Public Administration and Law, and (fi) The Sciences, Engineering, Architecture, Mathematics and Industrial Occupations.

The applicant (a) has a clear understanding of all costs associated with joining CCIP; (b) has reviewed details of CCIP himself/herself and with his/her parents; (c) has received support from his/her parents who have sufficient financial solvency; (d) has confirmed that s/he will have sufficient finances to comfortably support himself/herself for his/her entire stay in the US; and (e) is able to provide original proof within 14 days upon request – the three most recent monthly bank statements (or equivalent) AND the three most recent years of tax documents (or equivalent).

Remarks: CCIP cannot accept applicants with financial difficulties. The bank statements that belong to you, your parents, and/or direct relatives can be combined to calculate the minimum financial requirement – a minimum balance of USD 2,000 for emergencies plus USD 30 estimated daily expenses multiplied by the number of program days of your longest opt-in program session. Students receiving subsidies, such as CITYU's Joseph Lau Non-Local Internship Awards, OUHK's Subsidy Scheme for International Internship, NTU's Overseas Attachment Subsidies, HKUST's Overseas Internship Sponsorship Scheme, and the Hong Kong government's Reaching Out Award, may apply their subsidies toward the minimum financial requirement (a valid supporting proof will be required).

The applicant (a) is in good physical and mental health; (b) qualified to participate in an internship program abroad; and (c) able to provide the Physician Endorsement Form signed by a certified physician at the applicant's expense within 72 hours upon request.

Remarks: The Physician Endorsement form is required on a case-by-case basis. Health problems is not a reason to withdraw for a refund of any paid fees.

The Applicant, unless an exception has been granted by CCIP, (a) has clean immigrant and criminal records; (b) has never been denied a US visa or entry into the US; (c) has no intent to seek employment or permanent residence in the US through CCIP; (d) can provide strong evidence to support his/her intent to return home and to leave the US within 30 days after completion of CCIP; (e) is not associated with and has not travelled to any US visa-sanctioned countries; (f) has family members who have no pending US immigration application; (g) has family members who are not US citizens or green card holders; and (h) has family members who have not acted in any way, to the best of the applicant's knowledge, that may bar the applicant's entry to the US.

Remarks: The US imposes strict regulations for foreigners interning in the US. CCIP internships constitute no employment relationship. Applicants who expect return offers from their US hosts after the internships are not eligible to join the program. Examples of US visa-sanctioned countries include Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, Yemen and Somalia.

Applicant (a) possesses English language skills sufficient to function successfully on a day-to-day basis in English-speaking social and professional settings as determined by an objective proficiency measurement; and (b) can provide qualified proof to support his/her English proficiency.

Remarks: A photocopy of results (official photocopies are preferred) from one of the following English language tests taken within the past five years and that your score must meet the stated minimum score noted below: (1) IELTS 6.0/9.0 or above; (2) HKCEE/DSE (English Language) D or 4/7 or above; (3) TOEFL (paper) 550/677 or above; (4) TOEFL (computer) 213/300 or above; (5) TOEFL (online) 80/120 or above; (6) A or O-Level (English language) C or above; (7) CET-4 550/710 or above; (8) CET-6 520/710 or above; (9) College Entrance Examination (English subject) 120/150 (national) or above; (10) IB (English subject) 4/7 or above; (11) GCSE/IGCSE (English language) C or above; (12) SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing 590/800 or above; (13) SAT Reasoning Test Essay Score (before March 2016) 8/12 or above; (14) GRE 150/170 (verbal) 150/170 (quantitative) 3.0/6.0 (analytical) or above. Transcripts must include essential information and please use a pen to circle the (1) test name, (2) applicant's name, (3) test date, (4) score, and (5) the stated minimum score. (15) Obtain a school letter (see step 1.2 Part F). (16) Native English speakers born and raised in Australia, Belize, Botswana, Canada (except Quebec), Commonwealth Caribbean, Ghana, Great Britain, Ireland, New Zealand, Nigeria, Scotland, Singapore, South Africa, or Zimbabwe can use an elementary AND secondary school transcripts or diplomas to prove (simply a passport or birth certificate copy is not enough).

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Special conditions

Late applicants/students attending academic exchanges outside their home country can request special interview arrangements after completing application steps 1 and 2.1-2.2.
A complete guide to

2020 CCIP Application

From initial application to final decision for the 2020 CCIP Summer Internship in NYC, this guide has it all. For assistance, contact us via WhatsApp chat at +1 917 244 2600 M-F 9 am to 5 pm EST.

How to apply?

Read information carefully (theccip.com/explore and theccip.com/how), create an account (theccip.com/apply), and then log in to register/attend an info talk/interview and complete/submit (remember to click on the link on top of step 1) application steps 1 and 2.1-2.2 eight hours before (Priority Admission) or within 24 hours after (others) your interview.

When to apply?

Applicants should begin applying (a) after Sept 1 and attend an on-campus interview in early Oct (window 1) or (b) after Jan 1 and interview in late Jan/early Feb (window 2). Between the two windows and after Feb, late applications are accepted upon availability on a rolling basis. Dress in business attire.

When to intern?

CCIP takes place in the summer with three starting dates: May 16, May 30, or July 11 and with different program durations: standard (6 weeks) or extended (8, 10, 12, or 14 weeks). Applicants can opt for their desired sessions when submitting their applications.

Where to intern?

CCIP takes place in NYC with most hosts in Manhattan and Queens, plus two in Brooklyn and one in New Jersey. See past photos (theccip.com/2019hosts). Also visit the 2020 Host Roster (click the pink button on your dashboard) which offers a wealth of professions in US gov't and law (9); adv/mkt/design and media (5); NGO (4); CS/IT, architecture, civil/geotech/mechanical/electrical engineering (3); acc and insurance (2); transportation (1); franchise acc/mkt/mgt (1); museum design/event mgt (1); music school mkt (1); healthcare billing (1).

What are the required materials?

When competing application steps 1 and 2.1-2.1, you will need to upload your (a) portrait photo in jpeg (professional; casual OK for the time being) and five A4 pdfs (right-side-up, portrait, legible, and w/o any free-app watermarks): (b) passport valid through Dec 31, 2020 (if not, renew it now); (c) LPR proof in line with your legal permanent residence (e.g. foreign students from India upload Indian residency card); (d) address proof in line with your passport country (e.g. foreign students from India upload phone bills, school letters, etc. with their India home address); (e) school-issued ID showing the side with your photo and biographical information; and (f) English proficiency proof that matches your dashboard selection (if unavailable, submit a school letter – use the template from your dashboard).

How the internship hosts are assigned?

After the interview, you will be assigned an array of internship hosts (from a total of 20-30) based on (a) your fields of study (e.g. an engineering student cannot attend an accounting internship unless s/he has an accounting minor) and (b) application score (e.g. the faster and more thoroughly you complete your application, the higher your score).

Can I opt out of any unwanted hosts?

Yes, before filing your signed application, you may opt out of your unwanted hosts/sessions (no changes once filed), and then file your signed application. If accepted, you pay 50% of the program fee. Except for late applicants, you will be assigned to one of your host/session opt-ins by the end of Feb/early March.

What is Priority Admission?

Priority Admission (PA) is an early application option for students who have finished thorough program research and know that CCIP is their first choice. Qualified applicants will be entitled to (a) host placement and program admission priority and (b) USD 50 off (first installment received by Dec 31, 2019) or USD 25 off (received by Feb 21, 2020) the second installment deducted from the program administration fee. To qualify, an applicant must (a) register for PA upon account registration, (b) be a partner school student, (c) attend a CCIP on-campus info talk AND interview IN-PERSON with qualified attendance taken, (d) complete application steps 1, 2.1-2.2 and obtain confirmation email eight hours before the interview, and (e) submit the signed application/agreement and first installment payment receipt by the specified deadlines AND have them accepted by CCIP with confirmation emails before Feb 21, 2020. Applicants joining by Feb 21, 2020 but missing (d) or (e) may apply for makeup options before paying the first installment.

Seeking help?

For questions, feel free to contact us via WhatsApp chat at +1 917 244 2600 M-F 9 am to 5 pm EST (please adjust for the time difference as we are in NYC) or the Email Center (login is required). Keen applicants are strongly recommended to request us to assign you an alumnus for an initial assessment/guidance before/while you complete your application.

How much does it cost?

There is no fee to apply. If accepted, you pay 50% of the program fee within 72 hours to confirm joining. Upon visa interview, you pay the remaining program fee + housing fee at USD 120/night (single) or USD 60/night (double). To illustrate, a 6-week program (partner school rate, double) requires USD 5,670 (USD 3,150 program fee + USD 60/night x 7 days x 6 weeks). For 8 weeks, add USD 400 (USD 200 x 2 extended weeks). Visit theccip.com/index.php?cid=121#fees.

What are other expenses?

In addition to the program and housing fees, estimate at least another USD 1,000 for related expenses: (a) USD 160 visa application fee, (b) USD 180 SEVIS fee, (c) ~USD 100 insurance fee, (d) ~USD 600 air tickets, and (e) USD 200 admin deposit. Aside from mandatory expenses, estimate ~USD 20-40/day for personal expenses and reserve at least USD 2,000 for possible emergencies.

Are the internships paid?

For profit-hosts offer each intern a stipend ranging from USD 50 to 200 per week. Nonprofit internships are unpaid. All internships in the program meet the Department of Labor's seven criteria and NYS regulations for unpaid internships. All interns are responsible to pay taxes on any received wages/stipends.

Are subsidies available?

Hong Kong students may apply for the Reaching Out Award from the HKSAR government. Application deadlines vary by individual universities. Additional funding is available for students from CITYU; CUHK; NTU; OUHK.

Where to live?

The program is characterized by communal living where participants live together at the designated housing facility (Asiatic Hotel) in Flushing, Queens – a culturally diverse neighborhood that is convenient, accessible, and affordable.

Can I live alone?

No, all CCIP participants live together at the designated housing. The program stresses teamwork and group activities. Students who look out for each other develop mutual responsibility and maturity while making each other safe.

Can I borrow money to join?

Applicants must be financially self-sufficient to meet the admission requirement both for the program and US government – when applying for the visa, applicants will need to provide proof of financial solvency (e.g. your three most recent monthly bank statements) in order to pass the interview.

How the roommates are assigned?

After the visa interview and completion of the required steps, students will be invited to the Housing Panel where they may swap roommates from computerized assignments before the specified deadline.

How the rooms are assigned?

Typically, two students share a room at USD 60/night, but there are exceptions: (a) Students may room alone and pay USD 120/night. (b) If the total number of students of the same gender is uneven, students may bunk three to a room and pay a lower rate. The housing rates are subject to change within 10% variance. Each standard double has two single-to-full sized beds; each standard king has one king sized bed. There is no guarantee for single/double occupancy rooms.

What is a CCIP interview?

CCIP interviews assess applicants' English verbal proficiency, expectations for the program and hosts, and knowledge of the program's rules and arrangements (prior reading is required). Each interview lasts about 60 minutes and is conducted on campus at partner schools in early Oct (window 1) and late Jan/early Feb (window 2), in small groups, by a program officer from New York along with any alumni.

What is a CCIP info talk?

CCIP info talks supplement applicants' knowledge about the program with pointers not easily addressed in writing. Each info talk lasts about 45-60 minutes, and is conducted on campus at partner schools in early Oct (window 1) and late Jan/early Feb (window 2) by a program officer from New York plus any alumni. No dress code, but if you interview on the same day, dress in business attire.

How to register?

Applicants may register for an info talk/interview (registration is required) when creating their user account (theccip.com/apply) or after logging in (theccip.com/login). To reschedule/cancel a registration, please do so at least eight hours prior to your initial registration.

Is attendance required?

Attendance is required for an interview, and optional but recommended for an on-campus info talk. However, if you wish Priority Admission status (a modest program fee discount and program acceptance/host placement), you must (a) attend the info talk in person, (b) stay through the entire session, and (c) have your attendance taken before the session ends.

What if I can't attend an on-campus interview?

Late applicants and students unable to attend an interview in person (note: on-campus attendance is preferred) can request special interview arrangement after completing steps 1 and 2.1-2.2.

What should I expect from an interview?

Each interview consists of three parts: In Part 1 (visa compliance, program knowledge, and reading competency, 25-30 mins), correctly answer at least 6 out of 10 questions (from the Student Agreement) in application step 2.3 within 15 mins. In Part 2 (self-introduction, 10-15 mins), tell us your strengths/weaknesses, what you know about/expect from CCIP, and how you fit into CCIP and contribute to the program culture. In Part 3 (hosts, 10-15 mins), tell us your initial host choices and your expectations.

How to prepare for an interview?

Before an interview, (a) study our website (theccip.com/how and theccip.com/explore); (b) complete application steps 1 and 2.1-2.2 (theccip.com/login); (c) review the 2020 Host Roster (click the pink button on your dashboard) and jot down your initial host choices; and (d) download/study the Student Agreement.

What should I to pay special attention to?

(a) The timeframe to apply in each window (also between an info talk/interview) is short – keen applicants, we strongly suggest that you request us to put you in contact with an alumnus for an initial assessment and application guidance before/while completing your application. (b) Do your own study and use the info talk to supplement your knowledge rather than rely on it alone. (c) Before interviewing, read our website, 2020 Host Roster, and Student Agreement, and complete application steps 1 and 2.1-2.2. (d) Once completed, click the link on top of step 1 to submit at least eight hours before (Priority Admission applicants) or within 24 hours after your interview (others). (e) Lastly, we assess applicants based on the entire process (don't just focus on the interview alone) and how well and how fast they complete their application (treat your application as if it were your final term paper).

How come an interview requires substantial reading?

Keep in mind that CCIP is a US internship program that involves stringent US government requirements, visa application procedures, and a short visa application turnaround time. Also, because we integrate host, program, and visa sponsorship in one application, our process can seem different and demands substantial reading to meet the J-1 Intern visa sponsorship application requirements.

The best fit

Ideal applicants are not always the most academically successful. What also matters is a positive attitude that lead to new opportunities, an open mind to accept differences, and the maturity to handle both routine and challenging situations.

Driven to grow

Ideal applicants are driven to make something of their experience – whether broadening horizons, bettering post-graduation opportunities, or gaining clearer personal direction.

Cultural immersion

Ideal applicants align their goals with those of the J-1 visa – they acquire new skills and knowledge through CCIP, but also engage with American culture through program activities and then share their experiences back home.

Internship community

Ideal candidates demonstrate a strong cultural fit with the program's goals and arrangements – communal living, teamwork, leadership, and program activities.

Visa compliance

Foreign students interning in the US require designated visa sponsorship, which translates into stringent rules and demanding administrative duties that the ideal applicants must be able to handle.


Different from academic exchanges, CCIP has professional expectations. Ideal applicants possess the English skills needed to communicate and competently handle internship assignments with professionalism.

Extra effort counts

We assess applicants based on the entire application process (not just the interview), as we believe a proactive attitude means a great deal in real-life internships and can only be demonstrated through daily interactions. To make a difference, turn in your application early and ask questions after thoroughly reading the admission materials.

Be wise

The CCIP application is rigorous to attract the 70 keenest interns from pool of 1,000 plus applicants. Our expectations from applicants may not be as straight forward as you might expect. To be chosen, approach CCIP's application with a fresh mind and professional attitude – don't be tricked into complacency.

Be prepared

CCIP submission requirements can seem demanding as we combine the program, host, and US visa sponsorship in one single application. All submitted information must be accurate, verifiable, and in the required formats in line with US government regulations. To smooth the process, gather materials ahead of time, fill/scan/submit information/files with care, and ensure that your submitted information matches that of your uploaded files.

Be flexible with host choices

After the interview, applicants are assigned a list of host choices determined by their fields of study and application score. Applicants will then opt out of their less desired host/session choices. To better your chances for both CCIP and your desired hosts (results announced in March), be flexible and maximize your final host/session choices when officially filing your application.

Read with care

Examining applicants' reading proficiency and program knowledge is a necessary requirement for CCIP admission and US internship visa application. To ace the application, check out our website/read related materials, and use the info talk to supplement your knowledge rather than rely on it entirely. Note that you will need to correctly answer 6 out of 10 questions from the Student Agreement in order to past the interview.

Interact with alumni

Alumni are often present at info talks/interviews and help on WhatsApp to answer questions. Applicants are encouraged to show up early at info talks and interact with alumni. If you can't attend/miss the info talk or have any added concerns, alumni assistance can be arranged.

Enlist parents from the start

Statistics show that applicants who involve their parents early in the application process are admitted at a higher rate and have a richer internship experience.

Set expectations

Parents often look for more tangible benefits such as transferring college credits and improved TOEFL scores – yet internship benefits can be rather subtle and not easily quantified.

Make them less worried

It's natural for parents to worry about your safety. Here are some ways to ease their minds: Choose a host that's nearby; share with them CCIP's cohesive living culture; and tap on the GPS buddy program to look after each other. Remember, NYC is America's safest big city with crime at record lows.

Boost confidence

If your parents have concerns about the program experience, show them our IG/FB, past activity photos (theccip.com/2019), awards (theccip.com/award), and the State Department's website detailing EVP and listing us as an official visa sponsor.

Check out the hosts

Help your parents paint a better picture of your prospective hosts and internship experience. Show them the host photos (theccip.com/2019host) and alumni feedback (log into the Host Roster).

Seek help from alumni

CCIP has an impressive network of 1,000 plus alumni making a mark in different industries across the globe. Show your parents alumni stories (theccip.com/index.php?cid=121#say) and/or ask an alumnus to talk to them.

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