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Program Administration, J-1 Intern Visa Sponsorship, and Other Fees

Program fees

At a glance

The following describes fee-related information. Students should review this information thoroughly, research, ask questions, and involve their parents or funder during the application process to ensure a clear understanding and informed decisions. All fees are estimated based on the 7-week program duration. Students attending a longer duration are recommended to please adjust their information accordingly.

Program administration, visa sponsorship, and host placement

Activities and services performed by FUSIA, the program sponsor, are funded by fees charged to the students. Such fees enable us to recover the full...

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Health insurance and housing

There are two fees which are charged by third parties. Students submit payments via the program sponsor. The housing fee is charged by the Asiatic...

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J-1 Intern visa application expenses

In addition to the mandatory visa sponsorship, interns who need to apply two fees when applying for the J-1 Intern visa. They are the SEVIS...

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Airfare, living expenses, and emergency funds

Based on statistics from the 2017 program, the average international airfare costs about USD 800. The majority of students spend USD 15 per day for...

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Courier and bank service fees

Participants will be charged USD 75 (global UPS, DHL, or FedEx, under 16 oz.) or USD 25 (domestic UPS or FedEx, under 16 oz.) for...

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Administrative deposit

Each student is required to pay a deposit of USD 300. This fee is refundable on the last program day when they check out the...

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Program administration, J-1 visa sponsorship, and host placement


Hotel with breakfast


Health insurance, J-1 visa application (MRV and SEVIS), and estimated airfare

Estimates based on a 7-week duration, standard double room occupancy,
and airfare at USD 800. Partner University Discount 30% included.

Summary of

Program fee

The services covered by the program fees include those related to screening applications for the Exchange Visitor Program, provide necessary administrative support and guidance in compliance with 22 CFR 62, conduct visa sponsor related duties, and etc. The following provides a summary.

Program administration fee

General support
Daily administration and inquires
After-hour contingency support
Prepare interns with necessary professional expectations
Monitor progress and welfare of the interns and the internships to ensure compliance
Intervene in case of conflicts or potential conflicts
Publish and distribute program materials and resources

Interviews and briefing sessions
Info sessions, intro interviews, and final interviews
Pre-departure orientations
Post-arrival orientations

Living in the US
Assist interns in getting housing and health insurance
Support interns' cultural adjustment
Provide bank account opening option
Procure resources such as a SIM card and T-shirt

Professional advancement
Review and edit resumes (resume workshop)
Facilitate professional networking opportunities
Facilitate interns in participation of cultural activities
Support execution of cultural activities with student leaders (as part of leadership training)
Certificates of Achievements (contingent upon performance)
Post-internship internship verifications (contingent upon performance)
Facilitate media coverage opportunities and additional exposures

J-1 Intern visa sponsorship

J-1 Intern visa sponsorship
Select and screen exchange visitors
Provide visa and compliance related guidance and resources
Support visa applications and interviews
Collect, screen, process, and maintain necessary records in compliance
Submit exchange visitors' records to SEVIS and obtain the SEVIS ID
Monitor and manage exchange visitors' SEVIS records
Issue DS-2019 forms and support exchange visitors in visa application
Review and sign DS-7002 forms
Monitor internship activities to ensure compliance
File incident reports

Host placement

Host placement
Screen qualified hosts
Match and place interns with hosts
Conduct site visits
Guide and impart information to involved parties
Facilitate hosts to conduct internships in compliance


Financial Resources

There is an abundance of financial resources for students to fund their internships abroad. Here are a few options to get started.

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#1 Early Decision Program (EDP)

EDP registrants who meet the program qualifications (click HERE) will receive a USD 100 (first window)...

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Image Description

#2 Exemplary Award

CCIP offers an exemplary award for approximately 30% participants who prove their excellence in internship performance and program administration (commitment...

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#3 Partner University Discount (PUD)

Students from partner universities of the CCIP receive an automatic 30% deduction from the program fee. For example, the 7-week...

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#4 Stipend

Short-term overseas internships are typically unpaid despite internships in Asia that commonly come with a salary. The main reason...

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#5 Subsidies from universities

Many partner universities provide funding options such as scholarships and awards to reach out for overseas experiences. Below are listed...

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#6 Subsidies from local government

Hong Kong postsecondary students may apply for the Reaching Out Award from the HKSAR government for a one time funding...

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Essential Information

Terms and Policies


All amounts are in USD and are non-negotiable. Once the host placement and program duration are confirmed, any change, such as shortening the program period or opting out of a SIM card, shall not reduce the administration fee....

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Participants who attend the program for an eight-week or longer duration are subject to higher administration and housing fees. The combined program administration fee is...

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Once paid, the program's administration fee may not be used toward another applicant, transferred to anyone else's credit, or postponed to a later start date....

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No endorsement of third parties

We do not charge commissions or endorse any services provided by third party vendors. Whatever amount you pay, whatever amount goes to the vendors....

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Once paid, the program's administration fee may not be used toward another applicant, transferred to anyone else's credit, or postponed to a later start date....

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The first installment is due within 72 hours upon admission. The second installment is due within 7 days after issuance of the DS-7002 form. Remaining...

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Payment method

All payments are accepted as wire transfers, except the third installment, which will be applicable to participants with outstanding balances and will be due in...

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Refunds and special circumstances

The following table lists various refundable situations and their respective amounts, in percentage of the charged program fee. For details, refer to the Student Agreement....

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