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Video Gallery
The Cross Cultural Internship Program (CCIP)
Internship in New York City

In NYC, it is now Sep 22, 2017 (Fri) 11:19 AM
Last modified: July 12, 2017 (Wed) 11:48 am (EST) 505


CCIP - All in the Same Boat
2017 CCIP Recognition Ceremony
Testimonial Video
2017 CCIP Recognition Ceremony

"Miss Me When I am Gone"
2016 Student Memories Video
Spirit Award
2016 recognition ceremony video
Special thanks: "Miss Me When I am Gone" Skye (director); Skye and Mark (editor); Yasmin (lyricist); Angela, Bale, Cardo, Kenneth, Paul, Travis, and Yasmin (singers) ; Spirit Award given by the Mets and the Citi Field
"New York, We Miss You"
2016 recognition ceremony video
"Everything You Said"
2016 recognition ceremony video Audio unavailable due to copyright claim.
Testimonial video
2016 (for 2017 info session)
Special thanks: "New York, We Miss You" produced by Chenyu Shi (NTU), Skye Yang (NTU), Genghao Zhang (NUS), Priscilla Li (CITYU), Joyce Hua (NTU), Mark Chow (OUHK) and Bran Xie (HKU); Acapella Songs Mash-up,: Yasmin Hingun (HKUST), Paul Ho (HKUST), Angela Man (HKUST), Travis Wong (OUHK), Kenneth Wong (HKU),Cardo Shi (HKU), Bale Tang (NTU); "Everything You Said" produced by Bale Tang (NTU) and Yiwen Dong (NTU); Testimonial video: Skye Yang (NTU), Mark Chow (OUHK) and Bran Xie (HKU)

"See You Once Again"
2015 recognition ceremony video
2015 recognition ceremony video
Testimonial video
2015 (for 2016 info session)
Special thanks: Daniel Chia (NTU), Liaowei Fan (NTU), Mirana Yang (CityU), Sampson Ren (NTU), Sibyl Chen (HKIED), Clara Seit (NTU); Scott Shiu, Vinci Miao, Sky Han, Kevin Hsu (HKU); Jervy Ng, Holly Chan, Claudia Hui (HSMC); Jonathan Ma (HKUST) - Editing: Kelly Shum (HKU) and Circle Wong (CITYU) - Assistance: Alice Chen, Natalie Sze (HKU); Charlotte Yeung, Lulu Liu (CUHK); Monica Wang (MUST); Andy Liu, Thomas Hung (HKUST)

2014 CCIP-Recognition Ceremony
Leoson Cheong (CITYU)
2014 CCIP-Lifestyle
2014 Ryan Chan (CITYU)
Testimonial video
2014 (for 2015 info session)
Special thanks: Oscar Chung (CUHK), Muhammad Noor Danial (NUS), Jackie Zhou (NUS) for vocals in the 2014 video.

2013 CCIP-Recognition Ceremony
Isaac Sun (CITYU)
2013 CCIP-Lifestyle
Isaac Sun (CITYU)

2012 CCIP-Recognition Ceremony
Earl Ng (CUHK)
2012 CCIP-Lifestyle
李俊杰 (HKLN)
2012 CCIP-Recognition Ceremony
Carl Song (MUST)

2011 CCIP-Lifestyle
Carl Song (MUST)

2010 CCIP-Recognition Ceremony
Jessica (HKU)
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