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Our team

The program's operational team has diverse yet consistent experience encompassing both international backgrounds and an emphasis on media, the corporate world, and creative industries.

Elizabeth Kay

Elizabeth, the founder of FUSIA, is a seasoned strategist and web programmer with diverse experience. She first came to New York on her own at the age of 15 to attend high school on Long Island. In college, she studied Accounting and Computer Science. She worked in nonprofit, publishing, event planning, and advertising as a marketing manager for high-profile clients such as Citibank, MetLife, Delta, Johnnie Walker, Denny's, and MCI. After completing her MBA in Strategic Marketing and Communications, she started FUSIA in 2002.

Henry (Nam Pyo) Hong

Chief Relationship Officer
Henry graduated from Hunter College with a major in Film and minor in Chinese. Before immigrating to the United States 20 years ago, he studied and worked in the tourism industry in Korea. Nampyo's main role at FUSIA is to establish new initiatives and maintain quality relationships with all professional contacts.

Joseph Smith

Communication Associate
Joseph continues to grow an array of diverse and seemingly contradictory interests: he is a technology enthusiast and futurist who abstains from owning a smart phone. He is also passionate about automotive design and auto racing history, but is a advocate of car-free, walkable cities. The diversity, creativity, openness and empathy within him reflect the ethos of FUSIA and the missions of CCIP. Joseph holds a Bachelor of Science in Communication Arts (TV and Film) from St. John's University.

Joseph Fonseca

Communication Associate
For an entire decade, Joseph was engaged in a self-funded travelogue titled "10 Cities / 10 Years," which was featured in the Washington Post, US News and World Report and numerous other publications. He received a Bachelor's in Creative Writing with a focus in Psychology from the University of Kansas.

Yan Liang

Administrative Assistant
FUSIA's newest team member, Yan joined the organization in the summer of 2018 after working with NYC 's Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP), where 30+ positive comments about the internship experience at FUSIA caught her eye. Yan has developed her natural talent for accounting and administration, graduating from LaGuardia College with a major in accounting. She is now a part-time student pursuing her second bachelor's degree in business administration and finance at Baruch College.

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