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2020 CCIP Internship

Welcome to the 2020 CCIP J-1 Internship in NYC!

CCIP is geared towards motivated, career-minded students with the ambition to seek unique experiences that will help them advance to the forefront of tomorrow's competitive global economy. The clout of a NYC experience brings another level of depth to applicants' professional repertoire. It puts them ahead of their peers even from the beginning and opens the door to more elite career paths.

A CCIP internship does much more than typical summer opportunities like working holidays, study-abroad or graduate test prep programs. CCIP injects relevant practical skills into students' classroom knowledge and offers networking opportunities, leadership challenges, media exposure, and training in business and social etiquette. CCIP offers an unparalleled opportunity for personal and career growth.

Most of all, CCIP and the prestige of NYC experience allows participants to stand apart from their peers when competing for sought-after opportunities.

CCIP is run directly by a US government-designated internship visa sponsor in collaboration with trusted universities in Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau.

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What makes CCIP special?

Program highlights

CCIP is a unique internship program that offers structured internships and a holistic US living experience. Through CCIP, students not only gain practical business experience, but prepare to become leaders in tomorrow's global economy.

Long history

CCIP is the longest-running and most well-established J-1 Internship program in Singapore and Hong Kong. Since 2008, the program has enrolled over 1,000 participants. Today, CCIP has a network of elite alumni who continue to make their mark on the world.


CCIP has enjoyed significant government recognition: the Manhattan Borough President declared selected days 'CCIP Day' five times. Since 2008, CCIP has received over 140 awards and commendations.

Visa sponsorship

CCIP is a unique collaboration between trusted partner universities and is directly administered by a US Department of State-designated visa sponsor with no intermediaries – leading to direct visa sponsorship and lower costs.

Host choices

CCIP offers a wide range of internship host choices from the US government, law, business, communications, design, media to engineering. Many of our hosts have participated in the program for years and offer modest stipends.


A CCIP internship does much more than an ordinary internship program. CCIP offers unequalled opportunities through a wide range of activities from business roundtables to Broadway shows and much more. Media exposure and awards help participants get off to an unparalleled start on an elite career path.


CCIP integrates all necessary components – housing, internship placement, visa sponsorship, professional training – under one roof. Students live together in the spirit of friendship and look out for each others' safety.

What do they say?

Alumni Stories

CCIP has an impressive alumni network with over 1,000 past participants across the globe and works with 10+ trusted universities across the Asia-Pacific region. Click HERE to see Facebook comments.

Why intern in NYC?

Alumni insights

NYC internships hold both obvious and unseen benefits in developing foundations for international professional careers. Here are the many ways CCIP interning prepares participants for the future.

Building a global portfolio and network

Interning abroad provides opportunities to develop professional global networks and adds a competitive edge to students' portfolios when they apply for elite grad schools or careers.

Growing personally and professionally

After their NYC internship, alumni carry themselves with confidence and think more creatively. Students are pushed out of their comfort zones, engaging with new people and better able to handle personal and professional challenges.

Standing out from the crowd

Today's corporations are looking for well-rounded professionals with a global mindset, diverse experience, and a wide skill set. A resume with a NYC internship that includes professional experience, media exposure, and government recognition – that's exactly what you need to get ahead.

Immersion within new cultures

New York City is an international city. Interning in NYC prepares students with the valuable skills and talents to deal with people all over the world.

Where to intern

Internship hosts

CCIP maintains a roster of internship hosts in a wide range of professional fields from US government district offices, business, advertising, design, engineering, nonprofit, and more. Register an account and login to your dashboard to view the 2019 host roster.


20+ hosts in public administration, US government, communications, engineering, law, nonprofit, among many others


Repeat hosts with accumulated experience and a track record of positive feedback from past participants


State Department designated sponsor-monitored internship for interns' compliance with US government regulations


Private host companies offer modest stipends fom USD 50 to 100 per week to supplement on-the-job experience


Access to hands-on, non-hierarchical interactions with decision-makers, entrepreneurs, among industry experts


NYC -- a city beaming with confidence and creativity that immediately catches recruiters' eyes for global professionals

CCIP interns have a perfect record of passing visa interviews. Over the past ten years with 1000+ participants, CCIP has never had any students who could not attend the program for not passing visa interviews.
Where is CCIP based?

New York City

CCIP is located in New York City -- one of the most prominent metropolitan epicenters of the world and the number one destination for overseas internships.

The world's financial capital

The financial capital of the world, the base for top global corporations, the headquarters for the United Nations -- NYC is a strong international leader in government, finance, design, engineering, the nonprofit sector, among many industries.

Attractions within reach

In most US cities, you can't live without a car; in NYC, you can travel freely on foot. Explore museums, festivals, and landmarks such as Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, and the Empire State Building. Plus, New York is close to all major East Coast cities by bus or train.

Center for cutting edges

NYC is a fast-paced, creative, and entrepreneurial city inhabited by promising young adults and individuals at the top of their fields. Interns come to the city curious and leave with new insights, widened perspectives, and greater confidence.

NYC is consistently one of the safest big cities in the US. NYC law enforcement is famous nationwide for its extensive and sophisticated counterterrorism efforts.
Where do we live?

Queens, New York

All students live in a designated housing facility, the Asiatic Hotel (135-21 37th Avenue, Flushing, NY 11354), a modern hotel with nine floors one block from a local police station.

- Each room has two beds for double occupancy
- Complimentary breakfast
- Basic housekeeping service and amenities
- Private bathroom with toiletries
- Cable TV and Wi-Fi

Scroll over the right-hand-side photos for more descriptions.

Hotel's website Guide to Flushing
Flushing happens to be home to some of the city's best attractions -- Citi Field, site of the famous US Open, Flushing Meadows Corona Park, New York Hall of Science, Queens Zoo, Queens Botanical Garden, and many more. Don't wait to check it out!


The program is run directly by a designated visa sponsor in collaboration with trusted partner universities and without intermediaries, giving us a cost edge over competitors.

USD 2,950

Charged by the program calculated based on a six-week program duration

USD 3,540 non-partner school rate
USD 1,450 for US citizens
  • Administrative duties required for the operation of the program
  • J-1 intern visa sponsorship duties in compliance with 22 CFR 62
  • Host screening, placement, coordination & monitoring in compliance with 22 CFR 62
  • Each additional week requires USD 200 extra (USD 140 for US citizens)
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USD 2,520

Charged by the hotel via the program based on two students sharing one room for six weeks

USD 120 per room/night
NYC hotel tax 14.75% plus $3.50 per night city tax included
  • Standard double room with free breakfast, A/C & WiFi
  • Basic housekeeping included
  • Each room has two beds, a flat-screen TV with cable, a desk, a chair, a table lamp, some hangers & an electric kettle
  • Each room has a private bathroom with a shower & basic toiletries
Hotel's website

USD 1,040

Additional mandatory expenses related to joining based on a six-week program duration

Estimates vary by individual
  • Health insurance in compliance with US regulations USD 100
  • SEVIS fee USD 180
  • Nonimmigrant visa application fee USD 160
  • Roundtrip airfare USD 600
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