Welcome to CCIP

2020 CCIP Internship in NYC

Welcome to the 2020 CCIP J-1 Internship in NYC!

Taking place every summer since 2008, CCIP is an integrated program that offers internship placement, hosting, and program activities all on one platform.

CCIP brings depth to applicants' professional repertoire putting them ahead of their peers and opening the door to more elite career paths. It is geared towards motivated, career/global-minded students seeking unique experiences to help them advance to the forefront of tomorrow's competitive global economy.

CCIP offers more than typical summer opportunities. It enhances personal and career growth by enhancing classroom knowledge with practical skills coupled with networking opportunities, leadership challenges, media exposure, career advice, and more.

Most of all, CCIP's NYC internship experience allows participants to stand apart from their peers when competing for sought-after opportunities.

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What makes CCIP special?

Program Highlights

CCIP is a full-placement internship program that offers structured and guided internships through 20-30 hosts as well as a holistic program experience with communal living, student-led activities, and more.


CCIP is a 6-14 week internship program that has taken place in NYC every summer since 2008. It is an Exchange Visitor Program (J-1 Intern) run by FUSIA, a US Dept. of State Designated Visa Sponsor in collaboration with 10+ trusted universities in Asia, and is dedicated to promoting greater understanding between the US and future leaders from the Asia/Pacific region.

Cultural exchange

CCIP is a stepping-stone for exchange interns to acquire professional skills/knowledge while gaining insight into American culture, values, norms, people, and business practices. It is also a cultural gateway for US hosts to engage with the international community and stay connected with global marketplace trends.


CCIP is the longest-running J-1 Internship program in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Macau. CCIP's leading role in cultural exchange has drawn 160+ awards and commendations with "CCIP Appreciation Day" declared by Manhattan Borough Presidents six times. Visit theccip.com/award.

Direct visa sponsorship

US law requires foreign students interning in the US with both their visa and J-1 internship program sponsored by a Designated Visa Sponsor. CCIP is directly run by a visa sponsor combining program, host, and visa sponsorship into one application enabling streamlined programming and direct communication, while keeping program fees competitive.


CCIP is for motivated, global/career-minded students seeking gain skills, knowledge, and experience integral to the professional world but not easily attained in a classroom setting. Nearly 100% of past participants agreed that CCIP has made an impact on their career paths. They rated CCIP valuable particularly in jumpstarting careers, realizing potential, and exploring new opportunities/directions.

High impact

CCIP alumni have a particularly high acceptance rate into top global firms and grad-schools. We are proud of our impressive alumni network with over 1,000 successful grads who not only make their mark in an array of professions around the globe, but who also greatly contribute to turning CCIP into a supportive community with a unique culture benefiting both new and past participants alike.


CCIP offers a holistic experience integrating internships with a close-knit environment, communal living, student-led program activities, performance-based accolades, and more into one program in which new participants feel welcomed, parents become less worried, and graduates are better adapted to the global professional arena.

Internship hosts

Accepted applicants, based on their academic backgrounds, interests, and application scores, will be assigned potential hosts from a ready pool of 20-30 hosts in the US government and law (9); advertising, marketing design, and media (5); nonprofit (5); IT/engineering (3); accounting and insurance (2); and other professions (4).


CCIP accepts qualified undergraduates and postgraduates age 18+. Applicants from partner schools are entitled to a lower program fee and admission priority. Our past acceptance rate has been 6-10% on average (74 out of 1,301 in 2019). Since 2008, CCIP has achieved 100% visa approval rate with over 1,000 past participants.

Who joined CCIP?

Alumni Stories

CCIP enjoys an impressive alumni network with over 1,000 successful alumni across the globe who continue to make their mark in an array of professions around the globe. Click HERE to see Facebook comments.


Summer internship in NYC

For many past participants, CCIP enabled them to grow personally and professionally – whether by communicating better, carrying themselves with confidence, becoming more independent and mature, and better handling personal and professional challenges.

Clear doubts & explore new opportunities

Academic disciplines, especially in top schools, are often determined by test scores and industry trends rather than by student interests. As a result, many joining CCIP harbor doubt about their fields of study and career directions. CCIP grads commented that CCIP proved especially helpful in resolving their doubts, setting career directions, and exploring new opportunities.

Jumpstart to top careers & grad schools

CCIP is especially suited for committed students who are keen to better themselves. Nearly all CCIP grads agree that the program greatly boosted their opportunities for sought-after internships and/or top grad schools. Today, CCIP grads who are making their mark in top global firms reflected that CCIP was crucial in getting them to where they are now.

Grow professionally & personally

100% of CCIP grads commented that they grew personally and professionally in some way – whether by communicating better, carrying themselves with confidence, becoming more independent and mature, and better handling personal and professional challenges.

Offer what classroom settings don't

Many CCIP grads commented that CCIP prepared them with the professional experience, soft skills, accolades, and global exposure and networking opportunities – in short, the full package that traditional classroom settings and summer programs don't offer but are essential to sought-after career opportunities.

Where do we intern?

Internship Hosts

CCIP maintains a roster of internship hosts in a wide range of professional fields from the US government and law; marketing, advertising, design, and media; IT/CS, architecture and engineering, to other professions. Register an account and log in to your dashboard to view the 2020 Host Roster.


20+ hosts in public administration, law, business, communications, engineering, NGO, among many others


Many hosts have accumulated experience over years which results in a track record of positive feedback from past interns


Structured-and-guided internships and program activities in compliance with the US government regulations


A modest stipend USD 50 to 200 per week from private internship hosts to supplement on-the-job experience


Small-medium-size setting maximizing hands-on interactions with decision-makers entrepreneurs, and more


NYC – a city beaming with confidence and creativity that sets the stage for career-minded global professionals

CCIP interns have a perfect record with over 1,000+ students passing their visa interviews over the past ten years.
Where does CCIP take place?

New York City

CCIP takes place in New York City – one of the most prominent metropolitan epicenters of the world, and a name that every global professional wants to put on a resume for a professional edge.

The world's financial capital

The financial capital of the world, the base for top global corporations, the headquarters for the United Nations – NYC is a strong international leader in government, finance, design, engineering, the nonprofit sector, among many industries.

Attractions within reach

In most US cities, you can't live without a car; in NYC, you can travel freely on foot. Explore museums, festivals, and landmarks such as Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, and the Empire State Building. Plus, New York is close to all major East Coast cities by bus or train.

Center for cutting edges

NYC is a fast-paced, creative, and entrepreneurial city inhabited by promising young adults and individuals at the top of their fields. Interns come to the city curious and leave with new insights, widened perspectives, and greater confidence.

NYC is consistently one of the safest big cities in the US. NYC law enforcement is famous nationwide for its extensive and sophisticated counterterrorism efforts.
Where do we live?

Queens, New York

All students live in a designated housing facility, the Asiatic Hotel (135-21 37th Avenue, Flushing, NY 11354), a modern hotel with nine floors one block from a local police station.

- Each room has two beds for double occupancy
- Complimentary breakfast
- Basic housekeeping service and amenities
- Private bathroom with toiletries
- Cable TV and Wi-Fi

Scroll over the right-hand-side photos for more descriptions.

Hotel's website Guide to Flushing
Flushing happens to be home to some of the city's best attractions -- Citi Field, site of the famous US Open, Flushing Meadows Corona Park, New York Hall of Science, Queens Zoo, Queens Botanical Garden, and many more. Don't wait to check it out!
How much does it cost?

Program Fees

The program is run directly by a designated visa sponsor in collaboration with trusted partner universities and without intermediaries, giving us a cost edge over competitors.

USD 3,150

Program Fee
Charged by the program to cover administrative duties
USD 1,500 visa sponsorship +
USD 700 internship placement +
USD 950 program administration
  • Based on a 6-week duration
  • Each additional week add USD 200 extra
  • Applicable to partner-school students
  • J-1 intern visa sponsorship fee included
  • Non-partner school student rate: USD 3,950
  • US citizens minus USD 1,500 (visa sponsorship)
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USD 2,520

Charged by the hotel
USD 120 per room/night / 2 students +
NYC hotel tax 14.75% +
$3.50 per night city tax
  • Based on a 6-week duration
  • Each additional week add USD 420 extra
  • Room type: Standard double
  • Based on two students sharing one room
  • Single room rate: USD 120 per room/night
  • Breakfast, A/C, WiFi, and basic housekeeping
  • Each room has two beds, a TV with cable, a desk/chair/table lamp, an electric kettle, a private bathroom with a shower & basic toiletries
Hotel's website

USD 440

Estimated mandatory expenses
USD 100 health insurance +
USD 180 SEVIS fee +
USD 160 visa application
  • Based on a 6-week duration
  • Paid directly by the students
  • Estimates; vary by individual
  • Plus airfare, a SIM card, personal, entertainment expenses
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