Welcome to CCIP

2018 CCIP Internship

Welcome to the 2018 CCIP J-1 Internship in NYC!

CCIP is geared towards motivated, future-minded students who seek unique experiences that help them advance to the forefront of the competitive global economy.

Characterized by a cohesive living culture and a holistic approach to internships, CCIP offers more than any conventional internship program. CCIP is organized directly by a US-government designated visa sponsor in collaboration with partner universities, allowing a streamlined visa application process.

During the program, students live together and receive on-the-job training at one of the 25+ host organizations. After hours, they maximize their NYC experience with exceptional professional and leisure activities.

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A few points that make CCIP special


We have a long history

CCIP is the oldest and most comprehensive J-1 Internship program in Singapore and Hong Kong. Since 2008, the program has had over 1,000 participants.

We cost less

Compared to similar internship programs, CCIP offers significantly lower program fees by working directly with partner universities and covering the mandatory J-1 Internship visa sponsorship fee.

It goes beyond prestige

"CCIP Appreciation Day" has been declared by the Manhattan Borough President four times in the history of New York City.

We offer more

While conventional internship programs typically offer only work experience and possibly a handful of activities, CCIP offers a wide range of supplemental activities such as courthouse visits, business roundtables, and Broadway shows, among many others.

We add value

Through CCIP, students not only acquire on-the-job experience, but also enjoy unequalled networking opportunities. Media coverage and awards enhance their access to high profile jobs and grad programs.

We shine resumes

In 2017, over half of CCIP participants received special certificates issued by three different US government officials alongside awards of excellence.

We offer host choices

CCIP offers a wide range of host choices from government, law, business, communications, design, media to engineering. Many of our hosts have participated in the program for years and offer students modest stipends.

We eliminate the hassle

CCIP integrates all necessary components -- housing, internship placement, visa sponsorship, professional training, among many others -- under one roof.

We are a community

CCIP is characterized by a cohesive living culture -- students hang out together and look out for each other -- that encourages friendship and safety.

Where to intern

The Host Roster

CCIP maintains a roster of promising hosts with aligned objectives and expectations that are good fit for our participants.

#1 Many choices

An array of professional fields – public administration, business, design, engineering, among many others – geared towards selected academic backgrounds and interest

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#2 Stipend

Though uncommon, CCIP hosts (except nonprofit and government hosts) offer a weekly stipend from USD 50 to 100 (one firm offers USD 200 a week)

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#3 Trusted experience

Many of the hosts have joined the program for years over the past decade which implies their positive experience they had with the program alongside accumulated experience on taking

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#4 Hosts with confidence

CCIP hosts were brought from our own existing professional relationships with a naturally strong rapport and referrals with proven track records

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#5 Direct interactions

Many of the hosts are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) which encourages direct interactions with decision-makers and professional relationship building

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#6 Bona fide training

A government-required training plan (Form DS-7002) describing details (such as syllabus, what and how the knowledge and skills to be acquired) is required for each J-1 intern ensuring no surprises

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Where CCIP is located

New York City

CCIP is located in New York City -- one of the most prominent metropolitan epicenters of the world and the number one destination for overseas internships.

#1 Center for cultural immersion

New York City is renowned for being the original American melting pot. It is the most powerful international city in...

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#2 Venue for global internships

The financial capital of the world, the base for top global corporations, the headquarters for the United Nations...

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#3 Amid renowned attractions

In most US cities, you can't live without a car; in New York you can travel freely by foot. A cultural matrix, one can...

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#4 Immersive English setting

Due to the melting pot nature of NYC, students not only live in a fully immersive American English language setting,...

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#5 NYC Charisma

NYC is a fast-paced, creative, and entrepreneurially nurturing international city inhabited by promising young...

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#6 Center for cutting edges

There is a wide range of internship fields to choose from in New York City. NYC is a strong international...

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How to apply for the visa

J-1 Intern Visa Sponsorship

Foreign students interning in the US need to participate in a J-1 Internship program administered by one of the US Department of State designated sponsors.

Exchange Visitor Program (EVP)

The J-1 Exchange Visitor Program (EVP) provides opportunities for around 300,000 foreign visitors from 200 countries and territories per year...

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EVP categories

There are 15 different J-1 visa program categories, of which 13 categories are implemented under the auspices of the Office...

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J-1 Internship

EVP J-1 Internship provides qualified foreign college and university students or recent graduates to come to the US to gain...

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J-1 Interns

J-1 Interns are foreign nationals who are currently enrolled full-time and pursuing studies at a degree- or certificategranting postsecondary academic...

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Designated Visa Sponsor

The State Department’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs Office of Private Sector Exchange partners with about 80 designated visa...

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Program officers (RO and AROs)

Responsible officers (ROs) and alternate responsible officers (AROs) are the well-trained and experienced officers of sponsors who administer their J-1...

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Occupational Categories

To be eligible for sponsorship on the J-1 Intern visa, applicants must secure an internship within their academic area of...

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The Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) is a nationwide, Internet-based system managed by the Department of Homeland Security...

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I-901 SEVIS fee

The I-901 Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) fee is mandated by Congress to support the program office and...

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Form DS-7002

All J-1 Interns are required to present Training/Internship Placement Plans (DS-7002) when applying for a J-1 visa at a US...

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Form DS-2019

Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor (J-1) Status (DS-2019)> is a SEVIS-generated form required to support individual exchange visitors' visa...

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Visa Application

After securing a qualified internship and getting accepted into EVP by a J-1 visa sponsor, the applicant will be issued...

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Admission insights

Let's find out more

Let's take a closer look at four selected topics pertaining to program admission and beyond.

Where to intern

The CCIP Host Roster covers a wide range of professional fields. A majority of the participating host organizations have years...

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Where to live

CCIP is characterized by a cohesive culture in which the participants live together at the designated hotel located in Flushing,...

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How much it costs

CCIP takes pride in keeping our program administration fee affordable while providing a comprehensive, holistic internship experience. Our fee covers...

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What if I get sick

Qualified insurance gives you access to better and more timely health care, and provides the only protection against the enormous...

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